A Microsoft font could take down the Pakistani PM in corruption probe

The corruption investigation into Pakistan’s prime minister may boil down to a font.

The Microsoft typeface Calibri is now a key piece of evidence in the case against Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after investigators found it was used in documents dated to 2006. The problem? The font wasn’t readily available until a year later, the probe found.

The discovery came to light as a Supreme Court-supervised panel examined how Sharif and his family managed to amass such great wealth over the years amid money-laundering charges.

Documents submitted by Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister’s daughter, to prove her innocence used the Calibri font but were dated to 2006, leading investigators to believe the text was composed more recently and backdated in an attempted cover-up.

The font revelation generated so much interest that Wikipedia locked its Calibri page until July 18 after scores of users attempted to edit its content. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, more than 150,000 visitors flooded the page, which usually receives 500 visitors per day, according to The Guardian.

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